Pleasantly Surprised and Amazed

I've had Lyme disease for more than a decade. If you are not familiar, its symptoms are very similar to Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus. Prior to contracting Lyme and even since, I've been in several car accidents, in most of which I was rear ended. As you might imagine, prior to discovering Michele's services, I was feeling pretty broken.

When I discovered how beneficial myofascial trigger point therapy could be, I was not seeking any new therapy outside of my chiropractor. I happened to be doing some work at Ms Macomber's house and I was actually in a lot of pain that day, something I'd begrudgingly come to accept as normal for my existence. Not realizing the extent of her skills, I politely asked if she could *try* to get the knot out of my left shoulder. Twenty minutes later I exclaimed, "I've not felt this loose since I was five! How much to fix the rest of me?!"

Over the coming months I came back several times and happily paid her for work that resulted in the longest remission I'd had since my previous major relapse four years earlier. After a subsequent gap in treatment I've since backslid, which only serves to demonstrate for me just how valuable her work has been and will continue to be for my long term care and recovery.

Freelance Computer Technician
Potomac, Maryland

Transformed my Quality of Life

Several years ago I spent a day hammering in about a hundred fence posts with a big heavy mallet. The continuous violent movement of bending my back as I swung the mallet downwards from above my head caused a lower vertebra to move and damage a nerve, after which I suffered acute and debilitating back pain. The injury left me barely able to sit or walk without pain and sciatica for more than five years. After exhausting all conventional medical approaches to my problem I had pretty much become resigned to a life of limited mobility and constant discomfort which could only be relieved by lying flat on my back.

Through family contacts I heard about Michele Macomber, a myofascial trigger point therapist in the States, and on a subsequent visit to the U.S. made an appointment with her. This was the first time in over five years of treatment that anyone had explained that it was actually my muscles, continuously reacting to the past injury, that were perpetuating the problem. The injury itself had to a large extent healed, so conventional medicine was unable to explain the ongoing symptoms.

Given the sensitive nature of my back I had avoided any kind of stretching exercises for fear of doing further damage, but the initial consultation gave me the confidence to undertake the prescribed stretching regime. Subsequent manipulation and continued exercise enabled me to gradually stretch tendons and muscles which had been locked up tight for years and as such had been vulnerable to all but the slightest exercise.

Although I still have some residual numbness from the original nerve damage, today I am otherwise pain free and fully mobile. It is myofascial trigger point therapy which has led to the dramatic and ongoing improvement in my condition and transformed my quality of life, allowing me to engage in all normal levels of activity again.

Landscape Architect
Somerset, United Kingdom

I Was Dumbfounded

Ten years ago I injured my back lifting my toddler in a bad way. The next day I could hardly move. I spent two uncomfortable days lying in bed, unable to get up or move without extreme difficulty and pain until thankfully Michele came out to the house to treat me. When she arrived, she applied focused pressure on some trigger points in my back, and within 20 minutes she had me feeling completely normal! I was dumbfounded. Subsequently I kept an appointment I had already made with an orthopedist. He found no sign of disc damage on the X-rays, and then taking no other corrective actions, prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants. I did not bother filling his prescriptions. They turned out to be unnecessary as I was already feeling so much better from the stretches and movements that Michele had recommended. Myofascial trigger point therapy restored my mobility and enabled me to recover quickly with minimal pain. I strongly recommend consulting a myofascial trigger point therapist to anybody who could potentially benefit as I did.

Structural Engineer
Doswell, VA

I Knew We Were Onto Something

Before coming to Michele Macomber for myofascial trigger point therapy I was in tremendous pain, every day relying on medications just to get through. After our very first appointment I knew we were onto something amazing: for just a few hours, I was pain-free! That gave me hope.

Every appointment she listened and tailored my treatment to my needs. Because of my conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and EDS-induced Fibromyalgia, progress was slow, but there was always progress. Within a few short months, I was able to get to sleep without any medications. Within a few more months and I was able to sleep through the night. For me, my pain will never be gone, but Michele made it manageable and gave me the tools to help myself feel better in between visits. The therapy I have had with her has helped me erase the haze that severe pain and medications cast over my life. I cannot thank her enough; she is fantastic!

Elkridge, MD

Did What No One Else Could Do

Before I experienced a muscle spasm, I had no idea how painful they were. I heard people say, "I threw out my back" and never before understood what that meant until it happened to me.

As an IT person, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and I did not realize the implications of slouching. Things began to get very tight in my neck and upper back and I went to massage therapists and even an acupuncturist to help but it did very little to relieve the issue long-term. Then I developed full-blown muscle spasm and spent a week on muscle relaxants. The slightest movement of my head caused agonizing pain, I couldn't even wash my hair in the shower because the lightest touch of my fingers through my hair caused my neck to move and spasm. I could only tolerate the water beating down on my head but even then the act of simply stepping into the shower and out caused debilitating pain.

After a week of the muscle relaxants, I was able to wash my hair but movement was severely limited. I began to cry at random intervals -- say, when drying my hair or driving because the pain felt neverending. After I spent a half hour looking for a parking space that did not require me to turn my head, I abandoned the venture, returned home and began looking for someone who could help me.

I have some preliminary exposure to physical therapy, as I volunteered in a physical therapy clinic while in school so I found a PT and went for 8 weeks. That helped, but the most helpful thing was the 10 minute deep tissue massage the PT gave -- that was the main thing that brought relief. Not the electrical stimulation device or the ultrasound machine. Since I still had tightness, I started looking for a massage therapist. But I didn't want the traditional kind of massage therapist who could help me relax, I wanted someone to target deep tissue. Lots of googling revealed the field of myofascial trigger point therapy and I found someone in Maryland. I would have driven hours to see Michele! She transformed my neck and upper back and also gave me stretches and tools to maintain muscle health. There is absolutely no price I could put on the value of having my life back. I can drive again. Thank you, Michele.

IT Specialist
Washington DC area

Painful and Stubborn Frozen Shoulder

My shoulder pain is improving along with my mobility after just two sessions. Very knowledgeable, helpful advice, and made great use of my time.

Elementary School Teacher
Silver Spring, MD

Uncovering the Roots of Chronic Pain

I was referred to Michele by Amber Davies, co-author of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Michele has a gift for uncovering and analyzing the roots of your chronic pain so she knows where to treat and how to relieve your pain. Her method is thorough, thoughtful and therapeutic and I highly recommend her. Michele is deeply knowledgeable and highly skilled. I am grateful she is nearby and flexible about finding times that work with my schedule.

Bethesda, MD

Hard-Won Relief After Seven Years of Pain

I saw Michele Macomber for about three years for both manual and cold laser treatment of myofascial pain originating in my left leg. Michele is a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (MTPT) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who practices in her home. During my first two hour appointment I discussed my case with Michele, and what I thought to be the cause - a possible trigger point caused by an incident years earlier.

Michele asked me to stand up and bend over and try to touch my toes. I was then about six to seven inches short of doing that. She then observed my stance and noted that something was amiss with my left leg, as I was compensating by placing more weight towards my right-side - sort of like a slight limp. Michele then had me get on the massage table and she began to palpate my left leg. She soon determined that I had several trigger points, and now I understood what a trigger point was. She suggested a healing program that involved stretches that I would perform on a daily basis to stretch the areas on the left leg that were super tight, which were of course the cause of the pain. Michele worked bi-weekly on the trigger points on my left leg, some of which were in the lower hamstring area of the leg - “ground zero” for the local pain and the referred pain that seemed to infuse most of upper left leg, left hip, lower left rib cage, and my left foot, which I could barely feel simply because the muscles above it were in pain.

Change was coming! I began to see improvement - less pain and better movement. I continued treatments with Michele, stretching the affected areas at home, adding B vitamins along with self massage with the Tiger Tail tool.

Update from July 2019: Since June 2016 I have been seeing Michele Macomber on a monthly basis to receive treatment for my left leg. Beginning in early 2019 the pain started to really subside and almost vanish for the first time since the original incident in March 2009. I feel very good and completely pain free. I can now touch my toes and stretching has become very easy to do!

Although three years seems a long time to get better, Michele has been the “missing link” that finally worked out the trigger points and the pain. I cannot say enough about her and her work on me. To finally be free of the pain and this issue is wonderful. If you have a myofascial issue and pain, Michele can help you to become free from it and the effects. Her business card says it all: “Muscle Pain is Optional…It’s Time to Get Your Life Back!” I am testifying that I did!

U.S. Senate Systems Engineer
Silver Spring, MD